Christmas without you…..

As Christmas Day comes to an end, it feels good to be stretched out with the family in front of the television, belly‚Äôs full, drink in hand and smiles on our faces. The day has been full of food and merriment, board games and jokes. Another years Christmas memories made which we all cherish asContinue reading “Christmas without you…..”

A childhood of two halves

This week I received a message that I knew would arrive in the not too distant future, but that still left me feeling incredibly sad ,that my 99 year old auntie Dorothy had passed away. She was the last surviving sibling of my dads and it feels like my last blood related link to him.Continue reading “A childhood of two halves”

A Little Intro….

What a question. Who am I? A mum of 3 kids and 2 angels, a daughter, wife and sister. Someone who has been caring for others my whole life, who loves to be there but is finally realising I need to look after me too……. My kids are growing, my life is changing and thisContinue reading “A Little Intro….”

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