Can a friendship last a lifetime?

Ladies, do you have a friend that has just always been there? Or maybe your lucky enough to have more than one? If you have that kindred soul who knows you inside out, who has seen you at your best, worst, happiest, saddest and knows all your weird quirks and is still around then thankContinue reading “Can a friendship last a lifetime?”

Look for the helpers….

This is a quote that I have always loved as I totally believe it’s true. It’s really easy to look at the negatives in a challenging situation. Many of the time we find ourselves looking at the worse case scenario, sometimes it’s our way of dealing with things. We think the worse, as then weContinue reading “Look for the helpers….”

A Very Very Mad World…….

So we are in the midst of the Corona virus pandemic sweeping the world. Schools are closing, people are self isolating, businesses are suffering, people are stock piling, information seems very unclear at times and our communities are anxious and concerned for what is to come. It feels like a movie, right? I feel likeContinue reading “A Very Very Mad World…….”

Have you lost your voice?

What does being introverted mean to you? The definition of Introvert in the Oxford Learners Dictionary is: Introvert: A quiet person who is more interested in their own thoughts and feelings than in spending time with other people. Can you relate to that? I would definitely describe myself as an introvert and by that IContinue reading “Have you lost your voice?”

20 random facts about The Introverted Mama…..

So I figured some of you might be interested to learn a little more about the person behind “The Introverted Mama” and what makes her tick 😉 We all have experiences, family and little nuances in our personality that make us unique. Our children old experiences, family, where we grew up etc…… So here’s 20Continue reading “20 random facts about The Introverted Mama…..”

💚💛🧡 Love is love 💙❤️💜

When I was growing up I knew no one at my school that “came out” as gay. There was so much prejudice out there and being ”gay” was used as an insult so it would have been a very brave thing to do, to live openly as a young gay man. I know many parentsContinue reading “💚💛🧡 Love is love 💙❤️💜

More than a teenage mum….

Mamas, how old were you when you had your first child? My journey to motherhood begun at the tender age of 18. The experience of having a child when I had only just entered into the realm of adulthood but still classed as a teenager and the turn of events after changed me and myContinue reading “More than a teenage mum….”

Marriage: a work in progress

Do you use Valentine’s Day as a day to show your partner how much you love them? Will you be spending money on a card? Gifts? A meal? A night out? You know there’s nothing wrong with making a special effort one day of the year to show your partner how special they are asContinue reading “Marriage: a work in progress”

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