A Very Very Mad World…….

So we are in the midst of the Corona virus pandemic sweeping the world. Schools are closing, people are self isolating, businesses are suffering, people are stock piling, information seems very unclear at times and our communities are anxious and concerned for what is to come.

It feels like a movie, right? I feel like it’s time to take a step back. Use the time we are forced to be at home to enjoy the moment with our kids, hunker down and reconnect with each other. Do the things that make your souls happy. Long country walks, read the books you haven’t got round to picking up, teach your kids to cook, grow some vegetables, sing, dance, talk to each other, find each other again.

If you can’t visit your loved ones, we are lucky in this current climate to have skype, email, social media and phone calls. Use them. Check in, support anyone who is on their own to protect their physical and mental health. Isolation and loneliness can be crippling for some.

For many of us who struggle with anxiety or depression this time of uncertainty fuels those feelings. Having to self isolate and being alone with your own thoughts can exasperate those emotions.

If your feeling overwhelmed with the situation avoid too much exposure to the unfolding events. Check in daily with the news but limit it to a set time once a day to keep those feelings in check. It can become a constant stream of negativity if you let it. Using a gratitude journal can help with this. Write down everyday 5-10 things you are thankful for, no matter how simple or small. Feel that gratitude and embrace the positivity into your life.

Practice self care, whatever that means for you. Prioritise activities that help you clear your mind and relax, such as meditation, long hot bubble bath, mindfulness, relaxing music etc….

If your stuck at home keep to a routine and stay busy. It will give you a focus and a sense of achievement as you work through your day.

Eat well. Plenty of fruit and vegetables, this not only helps you fight any viruses but can also keep you on top form mentally and increase your energy. Being stuck within four walls for a lengthy period may leave you feeling lethargic and tired – do your best to combat this.

And one of the biggest things I’d make a priority is find a way to move your body, everyday. Go for a long walk in a quiet place, do a home workout: yoga, weights, cardio, HIIT. Make exercise a daily event, but keep switching it up so you don’t get bored. Exercise will lift your mood more than anything and increase your energy as well as keep your mind in a better place.

I’m currently home from work for the rest of the week as I work with vulnerable children and a sore throat and a cough means I need to self isolate to protect them. The government advice seems quite unclear in the UK in many areas and that in itself is creating more stress and anxiety for people. This will pass though and remember everyone is in the same position.

We are all facing the same struggles but some in certain jobs more than others. Not everyone can work from home. Tradesmen, the hospitality industry, carers etc…. all have to go out to work and many are self employed so will be significantly put of pocket if they stay home.

Shop local, support your small businesses now more than ever, however you can. But from them, share what you love about them, recommend the ones you love and engage with them, these small things can raise their profile on social media and hopefully stop them from going under. Most of all though, remember:

Be kind…..

Kaz 💕

Published by smilingqueenbee

A mum of 3 / angel mum of 2 Vegan Health and fitness lover Works as a specialised carer for children with disabilities

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