Everyday is an opportunity for a fresh start.

New Years Resolutions…..

I am finally getting a chance to sit down and pen a blog to ring in the start of 2020 on January 4th.

Life has been busy to say the least. I’ve worked more in December than previously, started a new job and allowed myself to put my workouts and nutrition low down on my list of priorities. Not the best thing to do when life is hectic and your mood is low. This is when the workouts would really help but also the hardest time to push through and get them done.

So it’s the new year and it’s likely you’ve been looking back at the last year as well as forward to what you want to achieve in 2020. Many of you will also have made New Years Resolutions and feel geared up to smash the year and reach your goals.

How many of you made resolutions in January 2019? Did you achieve them consistently throughout the year? Or had you forgotten about them by the end of February? I know, I’ve been there, so many times!

Everyday is a day that you can start a fresh and you do not need the first day of the year to do that. The problem is when you fall off track with a New Years resolution its too easy to say to yourself “That’s it, Ive failed” and wait for next year, month, after the holiday or that special occasion.

If you can shift your mindset and commit to being ok with the bad days but knowing that to reach your goals you gotta pick the ball straight back up when you drop it, then you will not keep having to make the same New Years Resolution EVERY year. For me the accountability of checking in with like minded people daily, having that non judgemental support of others that want you to succeed, don’t mock what your doing but also understand the struggles was the game changer. That is what has kept me working on my own health and fitness the last 2 years.

Sometimes we don’t have that support around us, right? The closest people to us can often be the least supportive. There are many reasons for this but it maybe because your loved ones aren’t interested in health and fitness and don’t want you spending too much time on that and not them, it could be that they are not happy with their fitness or how they look and don’t feel able to change it and so they are jealous of your drive and commitment. There are so many reasons and they are generally nothing to do with you but say more about your loved ones feelings but generally if they care for you they will likely come round once they see how good you look and feel and may even jump on board with you too!

Most people’s resolutions include something about getting healthier and fitter, right? The gyms are overrun in January and by February you can bet they are ghostly quiet again. Your health is not just about the physical and it’s definitely not all about what you weigh. It’s also your mental health, your mindset, how your cope when things go wrong, how you pick yourself up when your feeling low. These are all about mindset and attitude and to master your resolutions you need to master your mind too.

Change your mindset, change your life!

So if your New Years Resolutions this year are health and fitness focused to have the best chance of success:

✅ Find support and accountability. An online support system, a class, group of likeminded people who “get it”. It will make all the difference to you staying the course on those good and bad days

✅ Find workouts/ exercise that suit your lifestyle, fit in with your schedule and are sustainable. If it’s all too difficult to stick to you’ll give up!

✅ Prepare! When it comes to nutrition preparation is key. Plan your meals for the week ahead. Meal prep in advance wherever possible. This will mean you always know what your eating. You will never be left hungry with nothing on hand and reaching for the chocolate fix, crisps and cake….. schedule your workouts. Put them in your diary like an appointment and stick to them. Not preparing is preparing to fail.

✅ Be kind to yourself. We all fall off track sometimes but remember keep your mindset positive and allow yourself some bumps along the road. When we start to feel like we are a failure many of us use coping mechanisms like eating and are in the habit of using food to make us feel better. We will reach for the chocolate, take aways or sweet treats and use them to lift our mood. This creates a spiral of disappointment and feeling “blergh” about ourselves so we continue to find solace in food. You have to break the cycle! It’s ok to have a bad day, find a different way to cope: call a friend, take a long hot bubble bath and begin to change your mindset too one where you feel proud of yourself for not allowing that day to become a week/ month/ year and use the next day as a fresh start and a chance to begin again.

Happy New Year!!!

May 2020 bring you all you wish for and if I can help with any of your health and fitness resolutions, get in touch and tell me what you’d like to achieve……. we can chat about your time commitments, nutrition, goals and mindset and look at the most effective ways for you to smash them!

Kaz 💕

Published by smilingqueenbee

A mum of 3 / angel mum of 2 Vegan Health and fitness lover Works as a specialised carer for children with disabilities

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