A Little Intro….

I am who I am. Not who you think I am. Not who you want me to be. I am me.”

Brigitte nicole

Who is the Introverted Mama?

What a question. Who am I?

A mum of 3 kids and 2 angels, a daughter, wife and sister. Someone who has been caring for others my whole life, who loves to be there but is finally realising I need to look after me too……. My kids are growing, my life is changing and this quiet, naturally introverted, mama has decided to pursue some of the things shes always wanted too.

I’ve wanted to write since I was a child. Me and my best friend would spend hours, with a notebook and pen, coming up with ideas and stories. We both loved to read too: Victoria Plum, The Magic Faraway Tree, The Famous Five…. So often we’d be scolded for sitting inside when the sun was shining. Grabbing our pads, the garden would provide another sanctuary instead, to chat, dream, write and laugh…..

I’m so far from a great or even mediocre writer and feel very insecure about putting anything out in cyberspace for others to read but I’ve learnt that if you enjoy something, you just gotta do it. Life is short and whats the worse that can happen? You all hate it. I can deal with that now.

So here i am………

Kaz xx

“This is me” – The Greatest Showman

Published by smilingqueenbee

A mum of 3 / angel mum of 2 Vegan Health and fitness lover Works as a specialised carer for children with disabilities

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